Note : 

1. Make sure if customer has understood the feature properly

2. Please check if customer is following the required steps mentioned in the UM.

1. First need to make sure that the customer is following the required process for dual pairing

- Connect the device with Mobile-1/Laptop-1

- Power off the Bluetooth of Mobile-1/Laptop-1

- Connect the device with Mobile-2/Laptop-2

- Now power on the Bluetooth of Mobile-1/Laptop-1

2. Device will be workable with one Mobile/Laptop at a time (it will keep connected to other device)

3. Once the first device function is on pause, then only the 2nd Mobile/Laptop will be workable

4. In incoming call case, if user is listening music or watching videos in one Mobile/Laptop then it will automatically switch to the incoming call Mobile Phone

There can always be a 3-4 seconds delay in switching the device functioning from Mobile-1/Laptop-1 to Mobile-2/Laptop-2. It is because the device assess if there is a incoming call/message notification or normal music/video sound.