Note : Please check if it is functionally not working or customer is unable to understand the usage of Transparency mode.

1. To ensure if it is working functionally or not, please ask customer to follow the steps mentioned in the user manual to enable/disable Transparency

2. If can not control the Transparency function then ask customer to make sure if other touch functions are working or not

3. If touch is not working then it's an issue and need to do RPU, otherwise there is no functional issue

4. Aside, please follow following steps to educate customer about Transparency mode working

- Transparency mode neutralizes the vacuum effect created by the earbuds inside the ears and it enables the surrounding sound to enter into the ears

- In transparency mode, users do not need to take off the earbuds to listen to their surroundings, they can be aware of their surroundings while wearing the earbuds

- It has actually opposite working than ANC.