Note : 

1. Please Check if functionally is not working

2. Check if customer is complaining about ANC effect

3. Ensure that customer's problem is related to calling performance because of ANC.

1. To ensure if it is working functionally or not, please ask customer to follow the steps mentioned in the user manual to enable/disable ANC

2. If can not control the ANC function then ask customer to make sure if other touch functions are working or not

3. If touch is not working then it's an issue and need to do RPU, otherwise there is no functional issue

4. If customer is saying that ANC is less effective during call or customer's voice is not clearly audible to other side user then please educate them that ANC is not related to MIC performance. It only restrict surrounding sound to enter into user's ear and create a vacuum

5. If customer is complaining about less effect of ANC, please follow following steps

- There are two types of ANC devices in the market i.e. Feed Forward (25-30dB Noise cancellation)) and Hybrid ANC (40-50dB Noise cancellation) 

- This DB value is the measurement unit of sound that is being cancel out while the ANC mode is ON

- For example traffic sound is over 60dB, when customer is activating Feed Forward ANC then the total Noise cancellation will be around 30dB which means the remaining sound of traffic (around 15-20dB) will be audible to the customer in Feed Forward ANC mode and similarly for the Hybrid ANC

- For Hybrid ANC, the range of Noise cancellation will be more than the Feed Forward ANC

- Generally, Hybrid ANC product comes with higher cost than the Feed Forward ANC products and also Hybrid is much more effective than the Feed Forward ANC. Hence the comparison should be clear to the customer

Can not do RPU in such cases"