Are the materials safe in the Noise Explorer smartwatch?

Noise Explorer has been manufactured using safe and hypoallergenic materials. The smartwatch has also been extensively tested and found compliant with 209 substances of very high concern, Nickel, Organic Tins and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH).

Does Noise Explorer emit harmful radiation?

There are very strict international standards which govern the amount of radiation exposure against defined limits. 

The actual test is called Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and this rate needs to be below 2W/kg averaged over 10g body tissue for proximity to head and 4W/kg averaged of 10g of body tissue for wrist wear. The highest measurement when Adventurer was tested was 1.39 W/Kg for the front of face, and 1.09 W/kg for wrist worn.

Can we use Noise Explorer safely? 

Noise Explorer is a radio transmitter and receiver and is designed not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio waves recommended by international guidelines. Care should be taken when using Noise Explorer in the situations described below: 


Switch off your wireless device whenever you are instructed to do so by airport or airline staff. 


Mobile phones should be switched off wherever you are requested to do so in hospitals, clinics or health care facilities. These requests are designed to prevent possible interference with sensitive medical equipment. 

Petrol stations 

Obey all posted signs with respect to the use of wireless devices or other radio equipment in locations with flammable material and chemicals. Switch off your wireless device whenever you are instructed to do so by authorized staff. 


Care must be taken when using the phone in close proximity to personal medical devices, such as pacemakers and hearing aids. 

For Pacemakers: 

Pacemaker manufacturers recommend that a minimum separation of 15cm be maintained between a mobile phone and a pacemaker to avoid potential interference.