How do I conserve Noise Explorer smartwatch battery?

Noise Amigo works on mobile phone technology and similar to mobile phones, we recommend charging it every night so that it is ready for the next day.

The following things will affect the battery life of the watch:

Location update frequency, the number of calls made or received from the smartwatch, display brightness and lift to wake feature and SIM credit.

- You can adjust the display brightness by swiping down at the clock screen.

Note: Set the brightness level at 50% to conserve battery.

- You can choose to turn on the 'Lift to wake' feature in the settings menu as the default setting is off. When turned on, the screen illuminates frequently during normal use.

Note: Turn off the 'Lift to wake' feature to improve the battery life.

Make sure that your SIM card has not run out of credit. Lack of credit causes the internet connection to stop working which leads to excessive battery consumption as it tries to establish the internet connection.