What are safe zones? 

Safe zones are areas set up in the Noise Amigo app by the parents/guardians. When the watch user arrives and leaves these pre-programmed zones, an optional notification will be sent to the Noise Amigo app informing them about the movement.

How do I set up a safe zone? 

On your Noise Amigo app, go to Device Settings, select 'Safe Zones’ screen. Tap the '+' button and move the highlighted zone to the desired location to mark the boundaries of the safe zone. Once the safe zone has been created, you’ll need to set up safe zone alerts.

How do I receive notifications when the watch user has entered or left a safe zone?

Based on the location data pings, whenever Noise Explorer detects that the user has left or entered the safe, it sends a notification to the Noise Amigo app. You can see that as a push notification on the notification tab of the Noise Amigo app.