How to search for watch IMEI & EID Number?

  1. EID number is a 32 Digit number.
  2. IMEI number is a 15 Digit number.


On the APP:-

Once you download the eSIM onto the watch, to NoiseFit Voyage App -> Airtel -> Manage eSIM.

You will find below options where EID & IMEI numbers are mentioned:

1.Through Telecom operator’s official app.

2. By visiting Telecom partner’s official store.


Also, Once you connect the NoiseFit Voyage watch to the app, go to NoiseFit Voyage App -> Jio -> Manage eSIM.

You will find EID & IMEI details in the option:

  • EID/IMEI Barcode Information"


On the watch:-


  • You can also find the EID and IMEI on the NoiseFit watch -> Settings -> About page.