Note:-Understand what is the phone model & BT version. Understand all permissions are given or not.

Why am I not receiving notifications on my smartwatch?


  • Check if your smartwatch is connected to your phone through Bluetooth. If not, then connect to the Bluetooth. If the connection process takes a long time, turn off Bluetooth on both your smartwatch and phone, and then turn it on again to re-establish the connection.
     Even if ESIM is activated, user will not receive any notifications if the watch is not connected with the Noisefit Voyage app.


How do I disable or manage notifications on my smartwatch?  


  • To disable and manage notifications, go to the NoiseFit Voyage app. Go to ‘My Device’ and tap on ‘Settings’ and then ‘App notifications’. 


Only works in Android. IOS does not support cloud notifications.


  1. Only works on Android. You can toggle on the cloud notifications & the app mentioned in it on the NoiseFit Voyage APP.
  2. The cloud notifications that are switched on will be displayed on the watch even if the watch is not connected to the app. 
  3. Make sure the eSIM is activated & the data is switched on.
  4. Make sure the Noisefit app is active & running in the background on the smart phone.


What to do if my watch is giving less battery backup


Follow the steps below to save the power on your NoiseFit Voyage smartwatch: 

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘Mode selection’. Tap on ‘Power Saving Mode’ to activate it. 
  • Reduce the brightness of your smartwatch by going to Settings > Screen display > Brightness. 
  • Activate Flight mode on your smartwatch to save battery. Flight mode turns off the 4G network, hence reduces power consumption.
  • Turn off 24-hour heart rate, blood oxygen and stress monitoring. 
  • Deactivate Auto-sports detection. 
  • Voyage watch can work upto 7 Days in optimal conditions.
    2 Days with eSIM activated. (4G/eSIM takes a lot of power every second, just like our mobile phones)
     30 Days in Power Saving mode.