Note:- Check if Smart Network is on. Turn it off.

What happens if a user turns this mode ON?

  • Only applicable in SIM-sharing mode. Noisefit Voyage currently does not support SIM Sharing. That means, watch cannot have same number as your phone. Voyage will need a standalone number only.

  •  Keep the mode turned off from settings or scroll top to bottom on home screen & toggle off the Smart Network.

 How does this work?


      Only applicable if we update the watch to sim sharing mode in future.

  • Turn the smart network on.
  •  If the smartwatch is connected to a Bluetooth device, the 4G network turns off to save battery. 
  • When you get an incoming call, you can answer it through the Bluetooth call, but the experience is the same as a 4G network. 
  • Once you move out of the phone BT range, the 4G network automatically turns on. 

If still network is not visible then?


  • Visit the telecom partner store and check if the sim is valid or not to use.