How do I monitor my sleep? 

  • To track your sleep, wear your NoiseFit Voyage smartwatch while sleeping. You can get detailed insights into your sleep patterns on the NoiseFit Voyage app. 

How do I view my sleep status? 

  • You can view the previous night’s sleep data on the NoiseFit Voyage app. Scroll to view sleep duration, sleep stages and more. 
  • On your smartwatch, you can view your previous night’s sleep data by tapping on the sleep feature.

How do I change my sleep settings?


  • On your NoiseFit Voyage smartwatch, go to the Sleep feature and swipe left to go to the Sleep Settings page. Here you can schedule your sleep tracking, exclude certain sleeping hours and activate 24-hour heart rate monitoring and 24-hour blood oxygen monitoring. 


Why is there false recognition of sleep?

  • Sleep monitoring depends on body activity. For example, long-term motionless state may be mistakenly registered as sleep.
  • As the sleep algorithm takes some time to register, sleep duration less than 1 hour may not be recorded.