Note:-Please charge your watch in a well-ventilated environment. Before charging, make sure the charging port is dry. Wipe off any water or sweat. Please Use 5V 1 Amp charger, Do not use turbo charger.

How do I pair my smartwatch and phone?

  • Search in the app store or scan the QR code on the smartwatch to download the NoiseFit Voyage app.
  • Launch the NoiseFit Voyage app, go to the ‘My Device’ section in the app, and tap on the ‘Add’ icon in the top left corner. Select NoiseFit Voyage and link the smartwatch by scanning the QR code on your smartwatch or by searching for nearby devices.

What should I do if I can't find my smartwatch on the app while pairing?

  • If your smartwatch is not visible during the pairing process, go to the list of visible devices on the Bluetooth section on your phone and ‘forget’ the NoiseFit Voyage smartwatch and repeat the pairing process.
  • If the smartwatch is still not visible, restart the smartwatch and try pairing again. 
  • Check if the watch is unpaired from the BT settings before retrying.

How do I maintain connection stability?

  • After the smartwatch is paired, please make sure to keep the connection between the smartwatch and the phone stable to ensure that functions such as message notifications are running properly.
  • Ensure that the NoiseFit Voyage is connected with the phone.
  • Set up permission on your phone to allow notifications from the NoiseFit Voyage app.
  • Ensure that the NoiseFit Voyage app is running in the background. Android phone users need to check the settings that affect the background operation of the application, such as allowing the application to start itself, turning off battery optimization, and locking the background processes of the application.

How do I connect my smartwatch to the NoiseFit Voyage app?

  • Download the NoiseFit Voyage app from the App store or Play store. 
  • Log in and go to the ‘My Device’ section in the app. Tap on the ‘Add’ icon in the top left corner. Select NoiseFit Voyage to connect.

How do I remove a paired smartwatch?

  • To unpair the smartwatch from the phone, you can either delete the smartwatch device from the phone's side or continue pairing it with other phones after resetting it on the smartwatch's side.
  • After the smartwatch is unpaired from the current phone, it will automatically restore to factory settings, but usage data will not be deleted. When the smartwatch is paired with a new phone, logging in to the NoiseFit Voyage app will sync to the smartwatch once more.

How do I remove the smartwatch from my phone? 


  • To remove your NoiseFit Voyage smartwatch from your phone, open the NoiseFit Voyage app and go to ‘My Device’ and then ‘Settings’. On the Settings page, tap on ‘Unpair’. Now, disconnect & unpair it from your phone’s Bluetooth.

Why can't I re-pair my smartwatch with the NoiseFit Voyage app after resetting?


  • Open the Bluetooth list of your phone and ‘forget’ the NoiseFit Voyage watch. Follow the pairing process to pair with the NoiseFit Voyage app again.