Make sure your headset and the mobile device are within the 10m range to each other


  Low battery level may cause the disconnection from the mobile

  If the battery level is less than 5% charge the Earphones

  If the battery level is more than 5% proceed with the next step

  Note: Visibility of the battery level is subjective and may vary brand to brand

3.1 Increase the volume from your Bluetooth device and Noise Buds VS102 Neo

Tap the right earbud once to increase the volume

3.2 Check for the battery level of the headset

  1. Go to settings of your Bluetooth device 

  2. click on the Noise Buds VS102 Neo 

  3. Check the battery percentage

3.3 Try with a different music player

Sound problems may occur due to an issue with the Music player, try playing the same track with a different music player to notice a difference.