Poor Coverage

  • The Noise Scout watch operates on 4G/3G/2G bands and is designed to work with JIO, AIRTEL, Vodafone, and BSNL network partners SIM Cards.
  • For optimal and reliable mobile coverage, it is really important that your Noise Scout watch has the correct SIM card.
  • In case you are experiencing poor coverage, first check with your SIM card provider about the network infrastructure they are using. Check the coverage in your area using on your service providers coverage map.


No Network connection

From the clock screen on Noise Scout, swipe down. The network signal strength and the network name should be displayed. If it isn't, follow these troubleshooting steps:


1. Check to see if the SIM card has been inserted correctly. Follow the quick start guide instructions that can be obtained from the download section of this website.

2. Restart Noise Scout by from device settings and after Noise Scout has shut down, power Noise Scout up again.

3. Confirm that you are using a SIM card that is compatible with the model of Noise Scout that you are using.

4. Confirm the SIM has been activated correctly. If in doubt, remove the SIM card from Noise Scout and test it in another phone. Check that voice, SMS and data are working.

5. Confirm if the SIM has valid credit. If necessary, recharge the SIM using the operators recharge process.

6. If available, try another SIM card in the Noise Scout watch.