Battery Consumption is high?

  • Noise Buddy works on mobile phone technology and as with any mobile phone, we recommend charging it each night so that it is ready for the next day.
  • The location update frequency will have an impact on battery life. We recommend setting
  • The number of telephone calls made and received from the watch during the day will also impact the level of battery charge.
  • Display brightness settings may also have an effect on battery life. The display brightness can be adjusted by swiping down at the clock screen. We recommend 50% brightness level.
  • The 'Lift to Wake' function in the settings menu is switched off by default but can be turned on in the settings menu. When turned on, the screen may illuminate frequently during normal use. We recommend setting this to off for normal use and improved battery life.
  • Please also check your SIM card has not run out of credit. You can check this by making a brief call from the watch to your phone. We have found in many situations, the SIM card has run out of credit and this causes the data connection to stop working. This may cause excessive battery consumption with Spacetalk is constantly trying to search or hunt for the network repeatedly.