Audio level from speaker is low

  • While in a call, the volume control appears on the Noise Scout Watch's screen. Adjust the volume using this control.


Audio level from microphone is low

  • Noise Scout has a high quality noise cancelling microphone that is designed for use 20-30cm from your mouth. Speak at normal volume levels into the microphone.


Incoming call is rejected

  • It is normal behavior for a Noise Scout watch to reject a call if the caller’s number has not been added to contact list. Ensure to add all numbers that you permit your child to call, or receive calls from, to the contact list. You may choose to enable callers who are not in Apps contact list and from unknown numbers from within the app.


Watch is not ringing, only vibrate

  • This is most likely due to the ring volume level turned down or off. On Noise Scout watch, from the clock face, swipe down and you will see the ring volume adjust control.


No contacts set up in watch

  • The watch must be paired to the Noise Buddy app first before contacts can be added. Follow the pairing instructions in the Quick Start Guide, or this troubleshooting section under Account and Adding a Device.


Watch rejects calls (Caller ID unknown)

  • If your number is listed in the contacts on Noise Scout watch and your call is rejected by Noise buddy, please check your caller ID settings of your mobile phone. Noise Scout watch detects who is calling from your caller ID and determines if it will permit the call or reject the call. No caller ID will cause automatic call rejection from the watch.