1. Set your Mobile Phone to Airplane Mode and then again set to normal mode, mobile's BT working will back to normal if any small bug is there with BT's working. If succeed, then ok otherwise move to step- c
  2. Restarting your mobile device gives it a fresh start and is sometimes all you need to fix your issue.
  3. Press and hold the Power button on your smartphone to Restart the device (If restart isn't available, turn Off and then turn On your smartphone).
  4. Try pairing the Earbuds after restarting your mobile device.
  5. If the Earbuds name is not visible on BT search result, Try pairing with a different mobile
  6. Chances are, you might have an issue with the mobile. You can check if the Earbuds is working well using a different mobile. If the Earbuds name is still not visible in a different mobile, then Reset Noise Buds VS101
  7. The Earbuds may be out of battery. Charge the device as per the instructions mentioned
  8. If the Earbuds didn't show up after charging proceed please raise an online complaint on our complaint  portal