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Noise Icon Buzz BT Calling with 1.69" display , AI Voice Assistance, Built-In Games Smartwatch

My watch doesn't work well. The charging symbol is not coming and then the display is not working properly but the sensors light will be blinking my display is not oning before 1 week my watch is working properly I forgot my watch charger in home i am studying college In College to my home 1hr will done for going to my home In my college event will there i am participant in the event si iacn't able to put my watch in charge After 3days now only i came home I charger more than 2hrs i wiil try to turn on the watch the watch doesn't response. so I notice thier was some problem. I order my watch in Flipkart. I call the help center I ask him how to l claim the warranty they give NOISE COMPANY Number and website name I called the number the person will be busy he told wait for 3minutes I waited more than 3minutes they did't response anything. Kindly Please How to claim the warranty for my watch.

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