Pairing with mobile

  • Open Charging case.
  • Earbuds goes to pairing mode
  • Remove the earbuds from the case
  • Tap and hold the Bluetooth icon on your mobile
  • Turn ON the Bluetooth
  • Make sure your mobile and the Bluetooth Earphones are within 1-meter range
  • Go to add devices in your bluetooth settings
  • search and Select Noise Buds VS102 Pro
  • Tap the Pair option on the pop-up


Restart the mobile

  • Restarting your mobile device gives it a fresh start and is sometimes all you need to fix your issue.
  • Press and hold the Power button on your smartphone to restart the device (If restart isn't available, turn off and then turn on your smartphone).
  • Try pairing the Earphones after restarting your mobile device.


Reset Noise Buds VS102 Pro

  • Make sure your Noise Buds VS102 Pro is fully charged before beginning with the reset
  • Forget / Delete Noise Buds VS102 Pro from paired Bluetooth devices
  • Turn off the bluetooth of the device
  • Open the charging case.
  • Take out one earbud and long press for 10 seconds. Keep the other earbud inside the charging case
  • Press and hold for 10 seconds and red LED will stay and device will be power off
  • Repeat the pairing process


Charge your earphone

  • Use the C-Type   USB cable and connect the Charging case   to your computer or adaptor device made for USB charging
  • A White LED blinking when the Earphones  are charging
  • No light will turn ON when fully charged
  • Inform customer to charge the headset for 30 minutes and try again