• Make sure your Earbuds and the mobile device are within the 10m range to each other
  • Low battery level may cause the disconnection from the mobile
  • If the battery level is less than 5% charge the Earphones
  • If the battery level is more than 5% proceed with the next step


To check Battery level 


  • Go to settings of your Bluetooth device 
  • Click on the Noise Buds VS104 PRO
  • Check the battery percentage


a) Please ensure if device did not get connect to the previous input device. Ask customer to forgot or remove it from there

You can power off and on the device and voice prompt alert and LED response can let him/her know if the device is connected to any other device or not


b) Set the desired volume level from Mobile Phone and ear buds both

Adjust the volume from Mobile Phone and ear buds both


c) If using online APP then check internet connection


Sometime, APP malfunction. Ensure good internet connectivity


d) If using online APP, please check its compatibility with Mobile Phone and allow permissions from APP Manager in Mobile Phone


App setting can show supported Android or IOS versions


e) Mobile phone can also have issues, request to check if the device is working well with other mobile phone 


Apply the same connectivity process with different mobile phone as well


f) RESET the device 


1- Remove device name from Bluetooth Interface
2- Take out the earbuds from the charging case.
3- Tap either of the earbuds 5 times to reset.
 4- Place both the earbuds inside the charging case and repeat the pairing process. 


You can check if the Earbuds is working well using a different mobile. If the issue still persists with an alternate device proceed with raising a complaint on our website.