Chances are, you might have an issue with the mobile. You can check if the Earbuds is working well using a different mobile. 

 If the issue still persists you should try and reset your Earbuds. In case resetting the buds doesn't help then please head over to our website to raise a complaint. 

 Reset Process: 

  • Charge Noise Buds VS201 fully before beginning with the Reset steps
  •  Forget/Delete your “Noise Buds VS201” from the list of Saved Devices on your phone’s Bluetooth.
  • Turn off the phone's Bluetooth 
  • Place Ear buds back inside the charging case. 
  • Take out the earbuds from charging case           
  • Long press both the earbuds for 8 seconds simultaneously
  • White light will blink 3 times
  • Light indicates reset done.
  • Only Noise Buds VS201 showing in Mobile phone Bluetooth.
  • Tap on it, pair & connect, your device is ready to use.