For charging using a laptop:


  1. Use only Type-C cable, provided with the product. Plug in the provided cable’s USB end to your laptop/desktop or to a wall adaptor and Type-C port into charging point of the neckband



  1. Make sure that your PC/laptop is turned ON and not in sleep / hibernate mode


  1. If it still doesn't work, try with a different USB port on your laptop/computer just to be sure whether an issue exists with your USB port


For charging using an adapter: 

  1. Ensure to charge the product with the Type-C cable provided with the product 


  1. Using a Type-C cable connect the headphone to the USB port on the adaptor

  1. Make sure that the wall socket is functioning properly and not loose or damaged

  1. If it still doesn't work try to charge from a different wall socket


  1.  If device is not charged from very long time, then ask cx to keep the device on charging for 30min


  1. Charging LED (Red LED) should stay still while device is charging

If the headset still doesn't charge try with a different Type-C cable that is suitable to connect to your headset charging port just to clarify whether the issue is from your current charging cable

If this doesn't help proceed with raising a complaint on our support portal