a) Keep the earbuds into the charging case (for TWS) and put the charging case on charging.

b) Put the device on charge (for rest of the devices- Neckband/Speaker/Headphones).

Using the C-Type usb cable received with the product, connect the device with the charging cable to the USB port on the laptop/computer.

Make sure that your PC/laptop is turned ON and not in sleep / hibernate mode.

If it still doesn't work try with a different USB port on your laptop/computer just to be sure whether an issue exists with your USB port.

Connect the Charging case with the C-type USB cable received with the product and Avoid using high power mobile chargers (over 2A).

Make sure that the wall socket is functioning properly and not lose or damaged.

If it still doesn't work try to charge from a different wall socket or adapter.

If the headset still doesn't charge try with a different USB cable otherwise DO RPU.