Try pairing with the mobile using the steps mentioned, if this doesn't work proceed with the next step

Check that you have performed the right steps to start the pairing.

Restart your phone or disable and re-enable the Bluetooth on your phone, then re-pair the watch with your phone.

Restart the watch, then re-pair it with your phone.

Re-install the Noisefit App, then re-pair the watch with your phone.

If the watch is paired with other devices , unpair it from the other devices, then re-pair it with your phone. If the original paired device cannot be found, try re-pairing the watch in a relatively less disruptive environment (such as an open outdoor area with fewer people).

If the issue persists, try pairing the watch with a different phone.

Note: Restarting your mobile device gives it a fresh start and is sometimes all you need to fix your issue.

*Press and hold the Power button on your smartphone to Restart the device (If restart isn't available, turn Off and then turn On your smartphone). Try pairing the watch after restarting your mobile device.