To fix this issue:

  • Check that you have enabled Notifications in the Da  app. To do this, open the Da Fit app, go to Devices. Select notifcations and select the app you need notification from 

    Then select the apps that you want to receive notifications from.

  • Check whether you have enabled No Disturb. If this mode is enabled, new notifications will not be displayed on your wearable devices. To check whether you have enabled No Disturb,  open the app> Device> Others > Do not Disturb.

  • If you still not receive notification please lock your app in the background or white list the app from the recently used apps list

  • Your watch can only remind you of notifications that are displayed on the status bar. In this case, ensure that you have enabled notifications to be displayed in the status bar. Perform the following:

  • For Android users (taking EMUI 9.0 as an example): Go to Settings > Notifications, select apps you want to receive notifications from, enable Allow notifications and Display in status bar, Banners, and set Lock screen notifications to Show. If you have logged in to WeChat on your computer or stayed on the WeChat screen, your watch will not receive message notifications, and no notification will be displayed in your phone's status bar.

  • For iOS users: Go to Settings > Notifications, select apps you want to receive notifications from, enable Allow Notifications and Notification Center. Follow settings in your Message app to configure settings in WeChat and other third-party social media apps.

  • If messages from your WeChat still cannot be displayed, open WeChat, go to Me > Settings > Notifications, and enable Notifications Center, and check whether this issue can be resolved.

  • If the issue persists, restart your phone and connect your phone to the watch, and try to see whether you can receive notifications on your watch.

  • If you connect your watch to a phone running iOS 11.0 or later, go to Settings > Notifications. Touch the app for which you want to receive notifications and enable Show in History.

  • Restart your phone if you still encounter this issue after connecting your wearable device to other Android phones and adding the Da Fit app to the protected background app list. If this issue still cannot be solved, this is an issue caused by your phone's manufacturer. The Da Fit app is not an app developed by those manufactures, so it will be cleared from the background app list when the phone's power consumption is high.