Please check below concern if you're facing any of them.

1. When did you start facing this issue 

2. Which Phone CX is using (check Android version/BT version)

3. What LED is blinking, ensure device is in pairing mode 

4. Check if device is charged or not

5. Check if device is connected to any other input device (Mobile phone, Laptop etc.)

6. Check if CX is getting Voice Prompts or not

7. Check if, Product BT name is visible in Mobile phone.

  • Bring the drive into pairing mode. If succeed then ok otherwise move to step (b)
  • Set your Mobile Phone to Airplane Mode and then again set to normal mode, mobile's BT working will back to normal if any small bug is there with BT's working. If succeed then ok otherwise move to step- c
  • Restart mobile phone to refresh Mobile Phone's working and Mobile RF will also back to normal.
  • If Restart is not available then Power OFF and ON the Mobile Phone.
  • Now again try and follow the pairing process"
  • If device's LED shows pairing mode and its name is not visible in BT search result interface, Try to refresh BT search result in Mobile Phone.
  • If still can't see the device name then try pairing process with different mobile phone
  • Note: If device is working fine with other Mobile Phone then there are chances that issues might be with the previous Mobile Phone as well"
  • RESET the device (Neckband)
  • If above mentioned 4 steps doesn't work then please check if LED is there or not. if no LED then The device might be out of battery.
  • Follow the instructions given in UM to charge the device.

Note: If device is not getting charged (no LED blinking while putting it on charge), proceed with replacement as per policy.