Battery of my watch drain quickly

  • This may occur if the number of screen wake-up times increases when you raise your wrist in special scenarios.
  • The power consumption of your watch may increase when you enable Auto heart rate monitoring.
  • The power consumption will increase if the screen brightness is at 100 %.
  • The power consumption will increase if all app notification is turned on.


Reduce the battery consumption of Watch

  • Disable Auto heart rate monitoring in the NoiseFit App.
  • Disable Notifications in the NoiseFit App if you do not need the notification function.
  • Disable Raise wrist to wake screen in the NosieFit Sync app if you do not need to use this function. You can do the same by Swiping to the right on the watch from the homescreen and turning off Raise to wake up Function
  • Decrease screen brightness level