Using a micro cable connect the headphone to the USB port on the laptop/computer


Make sure that your PC/laptop is turned ON and not in sleep / hibernate mode


If it still doesn't work, try with a different USB port on your laptop/computer just to be sure whether an issue exists with your USB port


A) Ensure to charge with the charger with Working voltage: 5V
B) Ensure to charge with given charging cable
C) There may be Micro USB Port size difference, if you uses any other Micro USB cable
D) CHARGING Indications : Red: During Charging
E) Plug the included micro USB cable to the charging port of headphones and plug the other end to main power adapter or Laptop USB Port
F) Try Charging with laptop or PC.
G) Ensure to avoid using any charger more than 1 Ampere



If the headset still doesn't charge, try with a different USB cable that is suitable to connect to your headset charging port just to clarify whether the issue is from your current charging cable