1.1 Pairing with mobile 

1. Open Charging case.

2. LED will blink in white LED on earbuds and Green LED still indicating earbuds are in pairing mode 

3. Remove the earbuds from the case

4. Go to add devices in your bluetooth settings

5. search and Select Airbuds Nano

6. Tap the Pair option on the pop-up

1.2 Restart the mobile

1.3 Reset Airbuds Nano 

1. Make sure your Airbuds Nano is fully charged before beginning with the reset

2. Forget / Delete Airbuds Nano from paired Bluetooth devices

3. Turn off the bluetooth of the device

4. Place both ear buds into the charging case.

5.Make Sure the lid of the charging case is open throughout the process

6. Long press the button on the charging box for 6 Seconds to clear out the pairing history and reset the earbuds

7.Initially LED will blink White for 6 times and then Solid green

8. Repeat the pairing process 

NOTE : The charging case lid should be open throughout the process

1.4 Charge your earphone

Use the C-Type USB cable and connect the Charging case to your computer or adaptor device made for USB charging

A red LED indicator will turn on when the Earphoness are charging

Inform user to charge the headset for 30 minutes and try again