Please ensure you Charge your earbuds fully before using them for the first time

Follow these steps to pair with your mobile: 

1. Open the charging case of buds solo

2. The Earbuds will turn on & go into the pairing mode

3. Turn on the bluetooth of your device 

4. Search and Select the name “Buds Solo" from the list of available Bluetooth devices.

5. Please select PAIR. The pairing procedure will be completed.

NOTE : With Hyper Sync tech. the earbuds will automatically go into pairing mode as soon as the charging case is opened 

NOTE : if only one earbud connects then reset your Buds Solo and repeat the pairing process

The following are the steps to reset your earbuds: 

1. Forget/Delete your Buds Solo from the list of Saved Devices on your phone’s Bluetooth.

2. Place both ear buds into the charging case.

3. Open the charging case

4. Long press the button on the charging case for 10s or until white LED flashes 5 times

5. Repeat the pairing process